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Aaron is a gifted speaker and writer, and we are so fortunate that he came to visit us at the University of Colorado!
Professor Carol Conzelman, University of Colorado


I appreciated the connection with the students and the continued re-referencing to ideas or questions they brought up. It also seemed like that connection resonated with them because there was a line of students at the end of the event waiting to have one-to-one discussions with Aaron.
Shayna Nickel, Culture & Media Program Manager, Haverford College


Thank you for showing me how simple it is to make a huge change in the world!
Inigo E., University of Colorado


Your appreciation for the preciousness of our planet and your passionate pursuit of change is inspirational.
Rachel F., University of Colorado


Aaron was excellent. He shaped his remarks perfectly for the audience and all were drawn-in to his topics beautifully. Artfully done and what a nourishing afternoon!
Professor Michael Murphy, Loyola University - Chicago


Health is not leafy greens, health is a state of mind and a way of being that Aaron embodies. Learning and interacting through their workshop forum for ‘Y On Earth,’ Aaron’s recent publication, was entirely filling: an inspiration and true representation of what’s to come for us all. Thank you again!
Edy Guy, Highland City Club


Gettliffe Architecture thoroughly enjoyed a lunch-and-learn presentation from our friends at Y on Earth. We explored interconnections between individuals, communities, organizations, and the environment, and discussed the “sacred responsibility” of sustainability. We also received a lesson on how to home-brew sauerkraut, and explored some etymology (“hum” as in human, humus, humble = earth!). Thank you Aaron!
Laura Melillo & Dominique Gettliffe, Gettliffe Architecture


At a Jesuit school, we are always working hard to connect class content with issues of justice and personal responsibility as we care for the whole person. I loved how Aaron was able to address ecological issues in a way that connected with the “whole person” and who our students are trying to be in the world. The activities were engaging and got them thinking about the implications in their real lives. Aaron was able to tailor the material to the needs of my students. In particular, I loved how he was able to connect with second semester seniors, who are anxious to think about their next steps and who they want to be in the world, in a way that was meaningful and accessible.
Dr. Jeni Rinner, PhD, Regis Jesuit High School